Frequently Asked Questions

My order is wrong, something is missing, or hasn't been delivered. What do I do now?
Contact our dispatch team at 509-204-3348 to get this fixed immediately. Or, if there's time, you can email us at support@eaglebites.com

I made a mistake on my order. Can I change it?
All orders are final and cannot be changed or canceled, unless requested by the restaurant directly. If you forgot an item, you may call the restaurant and they will contact us, or you can create another order.

I just put in an order and it will take too long to get here. Can I cancel my order?
Your order cannot be canceled. Sometimes orders will take longer to deliver due to the amount of orders coming into any restaurant at one time, or total number of orders amongst all of our restaurants. Please be patient, and if you have concerns, you may call our dispatch line at 509-204-3348.

Why do some restaurants not participate with Eagle Bites? 
Eagle Bites was started in order to keep our local mom and pop restaurants open during the pandemic shut down. We strive to continue contracting with locally owned restaurants. We have reached out to all restaurants in Cheney and provided them with our contact information, should they choose to contract with us. Unfortunately, some restaurants are franchised and must follow corporate policies and contracts.

An Eagle Bites participating restaurant is not available during open hours? Why is this happening?
Our restaurants strive to meet several different ways of serving all of their customers. When they get extremely busy, we allow our restaurants to block delivery service for whatever amount of time they need. Common reasons for blocking delivery: Busy, short staffed, closed, etc. Please be patient with us and our restaurants, and know that we all appreciate your patronage.

Why is an item unavailable?
Due to current processing and delivery shortages, many restaurants are not getting requested products and ingredients. They send us a notice to request that we temporarily block those items from being purchased/requested. We review our menus often and keep them updated, as much as we can. 

What are the fees that are on my receipt?
1. Items and Sales Tax: Normal everything!

2. Mark Up Fees - We allow the restaurants to impose a mark up fee for deliveries to ensure they make a profit. Each restaurant is different in what they charge. These fees are taxable. 

3. Service Fee Washington Bag Fee: This is the amount of money that Eagle Bites collects to operate our own business. This is what we have for Business Operations. As of October 01, 2021, we are required to charge a taxable $0.08 bag fee per order for every order being placed through Eagle Bites. For more information on the bag ban, please feel free to reference this website: WASHINGTON STATE SINGLE USE BAG BAN, 2021

4. Delivery Fee:  We now deliver to surrounding areas! The $5.00 delivery fee covers the first 5 miles from the restaurant. A $1 pro-rated, taxable, distance fee will apply for each additional mile. 100% of these delivery fees and 100% of the tips go directly to the drivers. If you have any questions, please call us at 509-204-3348.